Cette page liste toutes les ressources du fichiers fxscomex.dll référencés sur le site. C'est un fichier du dossier I386 du CD d'installation de Windows XP. Pour le customizer vous pouvez utiliser le décompilateur ResHacker (gratuit) ou PE Explorer (payant).

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String Table

100 FaxComEx
512 Invalid argument.
513 At least one recipient must exist.
514 Operation failed.
515 FaxDocument must have either cover page or body.
516 If ScheduleType property is set to fstSPECIFIC_TIME, then ScheduleTime property must be set.
517 Fax server must be connected.
518 Not enough memory to complete the operation.
519 Argument cannot be empty.
520 Argument is out of its legal range.
521 Access denied.
528 PrefetchSize property cannot be less then 1.
529 Please call MoveFirst() before trying to get a message.
530 The folder is empty.
531 Invalid message/job ID.
532 No more messages.
533 Connection to fax server failed.
534 Index should be either number or string.
536 For fsatNTLM/fsatBASIC authentication types, please supply the User and Password properties.
537 Server, Sender, and Port properties are mandatory.
544 Security descriptor should be in the self-relative mode.
546 Cannot find a Method with this GUID.
547 Cannot find a DeviceProvider with this GUID.
548 Cannot find a Device with this ID is not found.
549 You cannot remove the default rule.
550 The "<All Devices>" outbound routing group cannot be added or removed, and devices cannot be removed from or added to this group.
551 Methods data should be passed in a one-dimensional zero-based array of strings.
552 Extension with given name is not found.
553 Please supply cover page file name.
560 Queue is blocked. Cannot submit.
561 Cannot find a Device with such Name/Index.
562 The fax server failed to locate an outbound routing group by name.
563 The fax server encountered an outbound routing group with bad configuration.
564 The fax server cannot remove an outbound routing group because it is in use by one or more outbound routing rules.
565 The fax server failed to locate an outbound routing rule by country code and area code.
566 The fax server cannot set an archive folder to a non-NTFS partition.
567 The fax server cannot use the same folder for both the inbox and the sent-items archives.
568 The fax server cannot find the job or message by its ID.
569 The fax server cannot complete the operation because the number of active fax devices allowed for this version of Windows was exceeded.
576 The fax server cannot complete the operation because it is not supported for this version of Windows.
577 The fax server API version does not support the requested operation.
578 The fax server cannot access the specified file or folder.
579 The fax server failed to allocate memory.
580 When TapiConnection or CallHandle properties are specified, these properties identify the fax number of the recipient. In this case, only one recipient is allowed, and the recipient's fax number is not used for sending a document, but only for tracking the fax message.