Cette page liste toutes les ressources du fichiers mssoapr.dll référencés sur le site. C'est un fichier du dossier I386 du CD d'installation de Windows XP. Pour le customizer vous pouvez utiliser le décompilateur ResHacker (gratuit) ou PE Explorer (payant).

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String Table

600 Unspecified Server error.
601 Unspecified client error.
602 An element with a MustUnderstand attribute was not understood.
603 The Soap processor found an invalid namespace for the SOAP Envelope element.
604 An unanticipated error occurred during the processing of this request.
605 There is not enough memory to service this request.
606 One of the parameters supplied is invalid.
607 Parameter %1!d! has an invalid value.
608 Soap client is not initialized.
609 This property name is not recognized
610 Type conversion failure for element %1
611 Loading the Soap message into MSXML failed with an MSXML error.
612 Sending the Soap message failed or no recognizable response was received
613 Receiving the Soap response failed
614 The Soap server is not initialized
615 The requested service %1 could not be found in the WSDL file
616 The requested port %1 could not be found in the WSDL file
617 The WSDL file does not contain a default service
618 The WSDL file does not contain a default port
619 Insufficient number of output parameters in SOAP response
620 Unexpected output parameter in SOAP answer
622 Incorrect number of parameters supplied for SOAP request
623 The connector could not be created. There might be an invalid endPoint specified in the WSDL file
624 The SoapSerializer object could not be created.
625 Soap client is already initialized.
626 Can't map array into BYREF parameter or function result
627 The incoming SOAP response contained a header that could not be processed
1000 Connector - Ambiguous server error.
1050 Connector - Bad request to the server.
1051 Connector - Access denied.
1052 Connector - Forbidden.
1053 Connector - Resource not found on the server.
1054 Connector - Invalid Http method.
1055 Connector - Request timeout.
1056 Connector - Conflict of server resources.
1057 Connector - Gone.
1058 Connector - Request too large.
1059 Connector - Bad server address.
1100 Connector - Unspecified server error.
1101 Connector - Feature not supported by the server.
1102 Connector - Bad Gateway.
1103 Connector - Server overloaded.
1104 Connector - Server timeout.
1105 Connector - Version not supported.
1200 Connector - Server returned contenttype other than text/xml
1300 Connection failure.
1301 Invalid client certificate name.
1400 Unspecified HTTP error.
1401 HTTP Send/Receive error.
1402 Out of memory.
1403 Bad HTTP Request.
1404 Bad HTTP Response.
1405 Bad URL specified.
1406 DNS lookup failure.
1407 Connection failed.
1408 HTTP Send failed.
1409 HTTP Receive failed.
1410 Host not found.
1411 HTTP protocol overloaded.
1412 Externally forced HTTP connection abort.
1413 No HTTP response received.
1414 Bad HTTP chunk received.
1415 Http error while parsing server's response.
1416 Request timeout.
1417 Cannot use proxy for the request.
1418 Bad certificate.
1419 Bad certification authority.
1420 SSL connection error.
2000 WSDLReader
2001 Loading of the WSML file failed
2002 Loading of the WSDL file failed
2003 No service entry found in the WSDL
2004 Initialization of service failed
2005 The service has no name attribute
2006 WSDLService
2007 Processing service %1 found no port definitions
2009 Initialization of the port for service %1 failed
2010 Processing service %1 found no port definitions
2011 The port has no name
2012 WSDLPort
2013 The port %1 does not have binding information
2014 The port %1 has no soap:address attribute
2015 The port %1 has no location attribute
2016 No binding section was found for port %1
2017 The name attribute on the binding for port %1 was not found
2018 Analyzing the binding information for port %1 failed
2019 The type attribute on the binding for port %1 is missing
2020 The soap:binding subnode on the binding for port %1 is missing
2021 The style attribute on the binding for port %1 is missing
2022 The transport attribute on the binding for port %1 is missing
2023 Port %1 has no operations
2024 An operation for port %1 could not be initialized
2025 The operation has no name attribute
2026 WSDLOperation
2027 The soap:operation subnode is missing for operation %1
2028 No soapaction attribute for operation %1
2029 Initializing of the input message failed for operation %1
2030 Initializing of the output message failed for operation %1
2031 The operation %1 has neither body nor header definitions
2032 The operation %1 has no use attribute
2033 The operation %1 was not found in the porttype section
2034 The message part not found in the porttype section for operation %1
2035 The message part not found for message %1
2036 Initialization of a SoapMapper for operation %1 failed
2037 SoapMapper
2038 The SoapMapper has no name attribute
2039 The SoapMapper %1 has neither element nor type definitions
2040 The schema definition with a targetnamespace of %1 for SoapMapper %2 could not be found
2051 The schema definition for SoapMapper %1 could not be understood
2052 The type attribute for SoapMapper %1 could not be found
2053 The SoapMapper for element %1 could not be created
2054 Analyzing the WSDL file failed
2055 GetIDsOfNames failed: no dispatch ID for method %1 found
2056 Executing method %1 caused an exception
2057 Executing method %1 failed
2058 The server object expected a different parameter count for method %1
2059 One of the passed in parameters was no valid VARTYPE for method %1
2060 The requested member %1 does not exist, or the call to Invoke tried to set the value of a read-only property
2061 Execution failed with an HRESULT of 0x%1!x!
2062 The SoapMapper %1 had a type which could not be converted during IDispatch::Invoke
2063 Instantiating the dispatch object for method %1 failed
2064 The operation requested in the Soap message with soapAction %1 isn't defined in the WSDL file. This may be because it is in the wrong namespace or has incorrect case
2065 XML Parser failed at linenumber %2!d!, lineposition %3!d!, reason is: %1
2066 No valid schema specification was found. This version of the SOAP Toolkit only supports 1999 and 2000 XSD schema specifications
2067 The message part name %1 is a duplicate
2068 The prefix %1 of QNAME %2 is not associated with a namespace
2069 The schema element %1 was not found in the targetnamespace
2070 The type for SoapMapper %2 was defined in the %1 namespace. Currently only XSD schema types are supported
2071 Unsupported encoding style %1. Only SOAP spec section 5 compliant encoding is currently supported.
2072 The operation %1 is defined with encoded-style but has no encoding attribute
2073 The operation %1 is defined with encoded-style but has no namespace attribute
2074 The parameters for element %1 in operation %2 could not be created. The parameters could not be expanded
2075 The parameterOrder attribute for operation %1 was invalid. It either did specify the same parts multiple times or not all required parts
2076 Init was already called on the WSDLReader. It can only be called once per active object
2077 The operation %1 is defined as document/encoded. This is unsupported
2078 The operation %1 is defined in document/literal mode and has multiple parts defined with types. This is invalid
2079 The current version of the Soap toolkit needs english language support installed
2080 In document/literal mode you can only have a single part/type declaration in a message definition. %1 is incorrectly defined
2081 In rpc/encoded mode, message parts have to be defined with types, not with elements. %1 is incorrectly defined
2082 Finding the href attribute %1 failed
2083 You were trying to pass a VT_RECORD to SoapMapper %1. This is currently not supported
2084 None of the matching operations for soapAction %1 could successfully load the incoming request. Potential typemapper problem
2085 Instantiating the header handler for method %1 failed
2086 Reading the headers for method %1 failed
2087 The custom mapper with progid %1 is marked free threaded. This is unsupported
2100 Analyzing the WSML file failed
2101 Loading the WSML file into MSXML failed
2102 The service %1 was not found
2103 Initializing the service %1 failed
2104 The service element has no name attribute
2105 No <using> elements for service %1
2106 No PROGID attribute for service %1
2107 No ID attribute for service %1
2108 Initializing the port for service %1 failed
2109 Initializing the operation for port %1 failed
2110 Operation %1 has no execute section or the operation node itself could not be found
2111 Operation %1 has no methodname attribute in the execute section
2112 Operation %1 has no "uses" attributed in the execute section
2113 Operation %1 has invalid dispatch information in the execute section
2114 A SoapMapper for operation %1 could not be initialized
2115 A parameter node for the %1 part specified in the WSDL document could not be found in the WSML document
2116 SoapMapper %1 found no callindex attribute
2117 The custom mapper %1 has no uses attribute defined
2118 The dispatch object for attribute %1 could not be found
2119 The custom typemapper %1 in namespace %2 could not be added
2120 Initializing typemapper for the SoapMapper %1 failed
2121 Converting data for SoapMapper failed inside the typemapper
2122 Putting data into SoapMapper %1 failed
2123 Restoring data into SoapMapper %1 failed
2124 Saving SoapMapper %1 failed
2126 The PROGID %1 is invalid
2127 Creating ID for %1 failed
2200 Can't create mapper for array element of type %1 in namespace %2.
2201 Array dimensions do not match definition.
2202 Array type and definition are undefined.
2203 Undefined or unsupported mapper requested inside 'anyType'
2204 Can't create mapper inside 'anyType' of type %1 in namespace %2.
3000 Soap Header Handler
3001 Writing soap headers failed
3002 Reading soap headers failed