Cette page liste toutes les ressources du fichiers msvbvm60.dll référencés sur le site. C'est un fichier du dossier I386 du CD d'installation de Windows XP. Pour le customizer vous pouvez utiliser le décompilateur ResHacker (gratuit) ou PE Explorer (payant).

AVI (Animation)


msvbvm60.dll section BMP/26567 msvbvm60.dll section BMP/7000 msvbvm60.dll section BMP/8101 msvbvm60.dll section BMP/8103 msvbvm60.dll section BMP/7001 msvbvm60.dll section BMP/8100 msvbvm60.dll section BMP/8102 msvbvm60.dll section BMP/6800

CUR (Curseur)

msvbvm60.dll section CUR/1101

Icon (Icône)

msvbvm60.dll section ICO/1201 msvbvm60.dll section ICO/1202 msvbvm60.dll section ICO/1203 msvbvm60.dll section ICO/1204

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String Table

1260 No timer available
1282 No foreign application responded to a DDE initiate
1285 Foreign application won't perform DDE method or operation
1286 Timeout while waiting for DDE response
1287 User pressed Escape key during DDE operation
1288 Destination is busy
1290 Data in wrong format
1293 DDE Method invoked with no channel open
1294 Invalid DDE Link format
1295 Message queue filled; DDE message lost
1296 PasteLink already performed on this control
1297 Can't set LinkMode; invalid LinkTopic
1298 System DLL '|1' could not be loaded
1320 Can't use character device names in file names: '|1'
1321 Invalid file format
1325 '|1' is not a valid resource file
1326 Resource with identifier '|1' not found
1327 Data value named '|1' not found
1328 Illegal parameter. Can't write arrays
1329 Illegal parameter. Can't write user-defined type.
1330 Illegal parameter. Can't write object because it does not support persistence.
1331 Invalid property name.
1335 Could not access system registry
1336 Component not correctly registered
1337 Component not found in registered location
1338 Component could not successfully create requested object
1339 Component '|1' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid
1340 Control array element '|1' doesn't exist
1341 Invalid control array index
1342 Not enough room to allocate control array
1343 Object not an array
1344 Must specify index for object array
1345 Reached limit: cannot create any more controls for this form
1360 Object already loaded
1361 Can't load or unload this object
1362 Can't unload controls created at design time
1363 ActiveX control '|1' not referenced in this project. Use Project/Components... to add a reference.
1364 Object was unloaded
1365 Unable to unload within this context
1366 No MDI Form available to load
1367 Can't load (or register) ActiveX control: '|1'
1368 The file '|1' is out of date. This program requires a newer version.
1369 Operation not valid in an ActiveX DLL
1370 The ActiveX Designer's Type Information does not match what was saved. Unable to Load.
1371 The specified object can't be used as an owner form for Show()
1372 Failed to load control '|1' from |2. Your version of |2 may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application.
1373 This interaction between compiled and design environment components is not supported.
1374 Failed to activate control '|1'. This control may be incompatible with your application. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application.
1378 '|1' cannot be set while loading or saving
1379 You can't put a Default or Cancel button on a Property Page
1380 Invalid property value
1381 Invalid property array index
1382 '|1' property cannot be set at run time
1383 '|1' property is read-only
1384 A form can't be moved or sized while minimized or maximized
1385 Must specify index when using property array
1387 '|1' property can't be set on this control
1388 Can't set Visible property from a parent menu
1389 Can't have AutoRedraw on a windowless UserControl if BackStyle is Transparent and ClipBehavior equals None
1390 Can't access hDC outside event sub if HasDC is False or Windowless is True
1391 Windowless UserControls only support BorderStyle = None
1393 '|1' property cannot be read at run time
1394 '|1' property is write-only
1395 Cannot use separator bar as menu name for this control
1396 '|1' property cannot be set within a page
1397 Can't load, unload, or set Visible property for top level menus while they are merged
1398 Client Site not available
1399 You can't put a Default or Cancel button on a UserControl unless its DefaultCancel property is set
1400 Form already displayed; can't show modally
1401 Can't show non-modal form when modal form is displayed
1402 Must close or hide topmost modal form first
1403 MDI forms cannot be shown modally
1404 MDI child forms cannot be shown modally
1405 Unable to show modal form within this context
1406 Non-modal forms cannot be displayed in this host application from an ActiveX DLL, ActiveX Control, or Property Page.
1419 Permission to use object denied
1424 Form not found
1425 Invalid object use
1426 Only one MDI Form allowed
1427 Invalid object type; Menu control required
1428 Popup menu must have at least one submenu
1429 You do not have an appropriate license to use this functionality
1430 Unable to add MDI Form to project.
1444 Method not applicable in this context
1460 Invalid Clipboard format
1461 Specified format doesn't match format of data
1462 No compatible data source was found for this control. Please add an intrinsic Data Control or a Remote Data Control to the form.
1463 No compatible data source was found for this control. Please add an OLEDB data source such as the Data Environment or Microsoft ADO Data Control to the form or project.
1464 The DataFormat property is not supported for this DataSource.
1480 Can't create AutoRedraw image
1481 Invalid picture
1482 Printer error
1483 Printer driver does not support specified property
1484 Problem getting printer information from the system. Make sure the printer is set up correctly.
1485 Invalid picture type
1486 Can't print form image to this type of printer
1487 Can't print minimized form image
1490 Top-level or invalid menu specified as PopupMenu default
1520 Can't empty Clipboard
1521 Can't open Clipboard
1523 The data binding DLL, '|1', could not be loaded.
1524 |1
1525 Data Access Error
1527 The given bookmark was invalid
1536 Could not lock the database
1537 Could not access the desired Column
1541 Could not lock the database
1542 The row has been deleted since the update was started
1545 Unable to bind to field or DataMember: '|1'
1546 Cannot bind this control to '|1'. Select a different datasource control (eg - Data1, or MSRDC1)
1547 Cannot bind this control to '|1'. Select a different datasource (eg - ADODC1, or DataEnvironment1...)
1672 DataObject formats list may not be cleared or expanded outside of the OLEStartDrag event
1673 Expected at least one argument.
1674 Recursive invocation of OLE drag and drop not allowed.
1675 Non-intrinsic OLE drag and drop formats used with SetData require Byte array data. GetData may return more bytes than were given to SetData.
1676 Requested data was not supplied to the DataObject during the OLESetData event.
1688 Failure in AsyncRead
1689 PropertyName parameter conflicts with the PropertyName of an AsyncRead in progress
1690 Can't find or load the required file urlmon.dll
1691 Unable to complete navigation
1692 Can't get Picture from AsyncRead until the download is complete
1693 An unknown protocol was specified in Target parameter
1694 Unable to find target specified in Target parameter of the AsyncRead that started this download
1695 Unable to find or download target specified in Target parameter of the AsyncRead that started this download
1710 Class of object cannot be determined.
Looking for object with CLSID: |1
1711 Invalid class string.
Looking for object with ProgID: |1
1712 Object is not registered.
Looking for object with CLSID: |1
1713 Class not registered.
1714 Interface not registered.
Looking for object with CLSID: |1
1715 Application not found.
Looking for object with CLSID: |1
1716 DLL for class not found.
Looking for object with CLSID: |1
1717 Error in the DLL.
Looking for object with CLSID: |1
1718 Wrong OS or OS version for application.
Looking for object with CLSID: |1
1719 Application was launched but it didn't register a class factory.
Looking for object with CLSID: |1
1720 '|1' is not a valid control type
1721 '|1' is not a valid control container
1722 Can't have child controls capable of receiving focus on a control that cannot receive focus
1723 The OLE client control and OLE embeddings are not allowed on UserControls, UserDocuments, or PropertyPages
1724 Can't have windowed child controls on a windowless control.
1725 |1 is a single-threaded component and cannot be used in multi-threaded projects. Change the threading model for |2 or contact the component vendor for an updated version.
1726 Control '|1' does not have the align property, so it cannot be placed directly on the MDI form
1727 There is already a control with the name '|1'
1728 '|1' is not a legal control name
1729 Controls.Remove can only remove controls added with Controls.Add
1730 Control '|1' not found
1731 In order to use '|1', you must specify a license string for the control. Use Licenses.Add to add the license string to the Licenses collection.
1732 The control '|1' already exists in the Licenses collection.
1733 The control '|1' cannot be added to the Licenses collection, because it is already referenced by the project. It is not necessary to add controls that are referenced by the project.
1734 The control '|1' cannot be added to the Licenses collection, because it is does not have a license string. It is not necessary to add controls that are not licensed.
1735 The control is no longer usable because it has been removed from the controls collection
1736 Cannot save an uninitialized class. You must use the global InitProperties method to initialize the class, or load the class from a PropertyBag before trying to save it.
1737 Cannot initialize or load this object because it has already been initialized.
1739 Cannot add control '|1'. Dynamically adding ActiveX Controls requires the use of the ProgId which can be different from LibraryName.Class for some controls. The ProgId for this control is '|2'.
1740 Controls.Remove can only remove container controls that contain controls added with Controls.Add. '|1' was not added with Controls.Add.
1741 The ProgId is too long. The ProgId must be 39 characters or less.
1742 The control has already been removed from the Controls collection.
1743 Unable to create or activate a new instance of '|1'.
1744 Control container for Controls.Add cannot be a design time instance.
1745 Cannot add control while Control container is loading other controls.
1746 Information necessary for the EventInfo object was not included with the control raising the event. Private UserControls require extra data to be included during compilation to support the ObjectEvent. To correct this uncheck 'Remove information about unused ActiveX Controls' in Project Options.
1747 No design-time license information found for control '|1'. Contact the vendor for control '|1' to obtain a design-time license.
2001 409
2002 MS Sans Serif
2003 Tahoma
2004 400
2006 1
2007 8
2008 1
2009 B7
2010 Tahoma
2011 ÿ-ÿ3 ÿ00´0·0Ã0¯
2012 ­t¹¼
2013 e°}0faǔ
2014 [9⁏S
5000 dd'-'mmm'-'yy
5001 True
5002 Yes
5003 On
5004 False
5005 No
5006 Off
9000 Microsoft Visual Basic
9003 Linked %s
9006 Activate Object
10000 Return without GoSub
10001 Invalid procedure call or argument
10002 Overflow
10003 Out of memory
10004 Subscript out of range
10005 This array is fixed or temporarily locked
10006 Division by zero
10007 Type mismatch
10008 Out of string space
10009 Expression too complex
10010 Can't perform requested operation
10011 User interrupt occurred
10012 Resume without error
10013 Out of stack space
10014 Sub or Function not defined
10015 Too many DLL application clients
10016 Error in loading DLL
10017 Bad DLL calling convention
10018 Internal error
10019 Bad file name or number
10020 File not found
10021 Bad file mode
10022 File already open
10023 Device I/O error
10024 File already exists
10025 Bad record length
10026 Disk full
10027 Input past end of file
10028 Bad record number
10029 Too many files
10030 Device unavailable
10031 Permission denied
10032 Disk not ready
10033 Can't rename with different drive
10034 Path/File access error
10035 Path not found
10036 Object variable or With block variable not set
10037 For loop not initialized
10038 Invalid pattern string
10039 Invalid use of Null
10040 Application-defined or object-defined error
10041 Unable to sink events of object because the object is already firing events to the maximum number of event receivers that it supports
10042 Can not call friend function on object which is not an instance of defining class
10043 A property or method call cannot include a reference to a private object, either as an argument or as a return value
10044 Invalid file format
10045 Can't create necessary temporary file
10046 Invalid format in resource file
10047 Invalid property value
10048 Invalid property array index
10049 Set not supported at runtime
10050 Set not supported (read-only property)
10051 Need property array index
10052 Set not permitted
10053 Get not supported at runtime
10054 Get not supported (write-only property)
10055 Property not found
10056 Property or method not found
10057 Object required
10058 ActiveX component can't create object
10059 Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface
10060 File name or class name not found during Automation operation
10061 Object doesn't support this property or method
10062 Automation error
10063 Connection to type library or object library for remote process has been lost. Press OK for dialog to remove reference.
10064 Automation object does not have a default value
10065 Object doesn't support this action
10066 Object doesn't support named arguments
10067 Object doesn't support current locale setting
10068 Named argument not found
10069 Argument not optional
10070 Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment
10071 Property let procedure not defined and property get procedure did not return an object
10072 Invalid ordinal
10073 Specified DLL function not found
10074 Code resource not found
10075 Code resource lock error
10076 This key is already associated with an element of this collection
10077 Variable uses an Automation type not supported in Visual Basic
10078 Object or class does not support the set of events
10079 Invalid clipboard format
10080 Method or data member not found
10081 The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable
10082 Class not registered on local machine
10083 Invalid picture
10084 Printer error
10085 Can't save file to TEMP
10086 Search text not found
10087 Replacements too long
10088 Stop statement encountered
10089 Run-time error '|'
10090 File not found: ~
10091 Error
10092 Null
10093 False
10094 No
10095 Off
10096 True
10097 Yes
10098 On
10099 dd'-'mmm'-'yy
10100 Method '~' of object '~' failed
10101 [[fmt_named_gendate]]
10102 [[fmt_named_datelong]]
10103 [[fmt_named_datemed]]
10104 [[fmt_named_dateshort]]
10105 [[fmt_named_timelong]]
10106 [[fmt_named_timemed]]
10107 [[fmt_named_timeshort]]
10108 [[fmt_named_gennum]]
10109 [[fmt_named_currency]]
10110 [[fmt_named_fixed]]
10111 [[fmt_named_commas]]
10112 [[fmt_named_percent]]
10113 [[fmt_named_sci]]
10114 [[fmt_named_truefalse]]
10115 [[fmt_named_yesno]]
10116 [[fmt_named_onoff]]
10117 [[fmt_black]]
10118 [[fmt_red]]
10119 [[fmt_green]]
10120 [[fmt_blue]]
10121 [[fmt_cyan]]
10122 [[fmt_magenta]]
10123 [[fmt_yellow]]
10124 [[fmt_white]]
10125 [[fmt_currency_string]]
10126 Can't find DLL entry point ~ in ~
13039 Cannot quit.
13097 Save File As
13163 Unexpected critical error: can't start program
13164 Out of Memory
13214 0 - User1 - Twip2 - Point3 - Pixel4 - Character5 - Inch6 - Millimeter7 - Centimeter
13222 (None)Ctrl+ACtrl+BCtrl+CCtrl+DCtrl+ECtrl+FCtrl+GCtrl+HCtrl+ICtrl+JCtrl+KCtrl+LCtrl+MCtrl+NCtrl+OCtrl+PCtrl+QCtrl+RCtrl+SCtrl+T^^
13223 Ctrl+UCtrl+VCtrl+WCtrl+XCtrl+YCtrl+ZF1F2F3F4F5F6F7F8F9F11F12Ctrl+F1Ctrl+F2Ctrl+F3Ctrl+F4Ctrl+F5Ctrl+F6Ctrl+F7Ctrl+F8^^
13224 Ctrl+F9Ctrl+F11Ctrl+F12Shift+F1Shift+F2Shift+F3Shift+F4Shift+F5Shift+F6Shift+F7Shift+F8Shift+F9Shift+F11Shift+F12Shift+Ctrl+F1^^
13225 Shift+Ctrl+F2Shift+Ctrl+F3Shift+Ctrl+F4Shift+Ctrl+F5Shift+Ctrl+F6Shift+Ctrl+F7Shift+Ctrl+F8^^
13226 Shift+Ctrl+F9Shift+Ctrl+F11Shift+Ctrl+F12Ctrl+InsShift+InsDelShift+DelAlt+Bksp
13243 All Files (*.*)*.*
13269 AccessAccess 2000;dBASE III;dBASE IV;dBASE 5.0;Excel 3.0;Excel 4.0;Excel 5.0;Excel 8.0;FoxPro 2.0;FoxPro 2.5;FoxPro 2.6;FoxPro 3.0;Lotus WK1;Lotus WK3;Lotus WK4;Paradox 3.x;Paradox 4.x;Paradox 5.x;Text;
13358 P&roperties
13359 Not Available
13397 E&dit
13414 Help
13415 &Help
13518 AccessAccess 2000;
13519 Looking for object with CLSID:
13520 You need the following file to be installed on your machine.
13523 TypeInfo mismatch within
13524 Please verify the file is the correct version.
21001 Out of memory
21003 Can't open Clipboard
21004 No object
21006 Unable to close object
21007 Can't paste
21008 Invalid property value
21009 Can't copy
21017 Invalid format
21018 Class is not set
21019 Source Document is not set
21021 Invalid Action
21023 Invalid or unknown Class
21024 Unable to create link
21026 Source name is too long
21027 Unable to activate object
21028 Object not running
21029 Dialog already in use
21031 Invalid source for link
21032 Unable to create embedded object
21033 Unable to fetch Link source name
21034 Invalid Verb index
21035 Incorrect Clipboard format
21036 Error saving to file
21037 Error loading from file
21039 Unable to access source document
21040 You cannot set DisplayType while the control contains an object
21041 Cannot create embedded object. 'OleTypeAllowed' property of '|1' control is set to 'Linked'.
23001 Unexpected error; quitting
23002 Not enough memory to run; quitting
23003 Unexpected error
23004 Wrong version of run-time DLL
23005 Wrong version of operating system; requires Windows NT 4.0 (build |1 with Service Pack |2 or above), or Windows 95 (build |3 or above)
23006 System Error |1.
23010 Internal error: '|1'
23012 File not found: '|1'
23016 Device I/O error: '|1'
23017 File already exists: '|1'
23020 Disk full: '|1'
23021 Input past end of file: '|1'
23026 Too many files: '|1'
23027 Device unavailable: '|1'
23029 Permission denied: '|1'
23030 Disk not ready: '|1'
23034 Path/File access error: '|1'
23035 Path not found: '|1'
25000 Can't remove control or reference; Still in use on a form in an invalid state. Please close all forms and try again
25001 Can't remove control or reference; in use
25002 Can't quit at this time
25003 An action cannot be completed because a component (|1) is not responding. Choose "Switch To" to activate the component and correct the problem.
25004 An action cannot be completed because a component (|1) is busy. Choose "Switch To" to activate the component and correct the problem.
25007 One or more instances of this object are running. Can't remove it at this time.