Cette page liste toutes les ressources du fichiers npdsplay.dll référencés sur le site. C'est un fichier du dossier I386 du CD d'installation de Windows XP. Pour le customizer vous pouvez utiliser le décompilateur ResHacker (gratuit) ou PE Explorer (payant).

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npdsplay.dll section BMP/26567 npdsplay.dll section BMP/30995 npdsplay.dll section BMP/30996 npdsplay.dll section BMP/30994

CUR (Curseur)

npdsplay.dll section CUR/30977

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String Table

1 DirectShow control
61440 Open
61441 Save As
61442 All Files (*.*)
61443 Untitled
61446 an unnamed file
61457 &Hide
61472 No error message is available.
61473 An unsupported operation was attempted.
61474 A required resource was unavailable.
61475 Out of memory.
61476 An unknown error has occurred.
61696 Invalid filename.
61697 Failed to open document.
61698 Failed to save document.
61699 Save changes to %1?
61700 Failed to create empty document.
61701 The file is too large to open.
61702 Could not start print job.
61703 Failed to launch help.
61704 Internal application error.
61705 Command failed.
61706 Insufficient memory to perform operation.
61707 System registry entries have been removed and the INI file (if any) was deleted.
61708 Not all of the system registry entries (or INI file) were removed.
61709 This program requires the file %s, which was not found on this system.
61710 This program is linked to the missing export %s in the file %s. This machine may have an incompatible version of %s.
61712 Please enter an integer.
61713 Please enter a number.
61714 Please enter an integer between %1 and %2.
61715 Please enter a number between %1 and %2.
61716 Please enter no more than %1 characters.
61717 Please select a button.
61718 Please enter an integer between 0 and 255.
61719 Please enter a positive integer.
61720 Please enter a date and/or time.
61721 Please enter a currency.
61728 Unexpected file format.
61729 %1
Cannot find this file.
Please verify that the correct path and file name are given.
61730 Destination disk drive is full.
61731 Unable to read from %1, it is opened by someone else.
61732 Unable to write to %1, it is read-only or opened by someone else.
61733 An unexpected error occurred while reading %1.
61734 An unexpected error occurred while writing %1.
61836 Unable to read write-only property.
61837 Unable to write read-only property.
61840 Unable to load mail system support.
61841 Mail system DLL is invalid.
61842 Send Mail failed to send message.
61856 No error occurred.
61857 An unknown error occurred while accessing %1.
61858 %1 was not found.
61859 %1 contains an invalid path.
61860 %1 could not be opened because there are too many open files.
61861 Access to %1 was denied.
61862 An invalid file handle was associated with %1.
61863 %1 could not be removed because it is the current directory.
61864 %1 could not be created because the directory is full.
61865 Seek failed on %1
61866 A hardware I/O error was reported while accessing %1.
61867 A sharing violation occurred while accessing %1.
61868 A locking violation occurred while accessing %1.
61869 Disk full while accessing %1.
61870 An attempt was made to access %1 past its end.
61872 No error occurred.
61873 An unknown error occurred while accessing %1.
61874 An attempt was made to write to the reading %1.
61875 An attempt was made to access %1 past its end.
61876 An attempt was made to read from the writing %1.
61877 %1 has a bad format.
61878 %1 contained an unexpected object.
61879 %1 contains an incorrect schema.
61888 pixels