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1000 Welcome. Please select a sign-in name from the following list to continue.
1001 List of MSN Explorer Users on this computer
1002 LogIn Options ToolBar
1003 &Guest Sign In
1004 Sign in as a guest using your own e-mail name
1005 &Add New User
1006 Set up another account
1007 &Forgot Your Password?
1008 Reset your password using your secret question
1009 &Connection Settings
1010 Change the way you connect to the Internet
1011 LogIn Prompt
1012 Enter your e-mail &name
1013 &Enter your password
1014 &Remember password
1015 &Sign In
1016 For example: name@domain.com
1017 Please enter a valid e-mail name.
A valid e-mail name is of the form 'name@domain.com'.
1018 Read &mail offline
1019 Use e-mail without connecting to the Internet
1020 Progress animation
1021 Dialing...
1022 Dialing %s...
1023 Authenticating...
1024 Signing in...
1025 Signed in
1026 You are currently connected
1027 Retrying in %d second...
1028 Retrying in %d seconds...
1029 Have MSN Explorer remember your password
1030 Cancel
1031 &Disconnect
1032 Logging out...
1033 Logged out
1034 Signing in (attempt %d)...
1050 Please type your password.
1051 Dialing
1052 Connecting
1053 Connected
1075 Scroll to see other users
1076 Scroll up
1077 Scroll down
1078 You can set up MSN Explorer for up to nine people to use. You have reached the nine-user limit. You will need to delete an existing user before you will be able to add another user.

To delete a user, first sign in, then go to "Help & Settings" and click on "Accounts".
1079 %s picture
1080 Guest
1081 We need to connect to the Internet to complete the requested task.

Do you want to connect now?
1082 More Options
1083 Currently, no one is set up to use MSN Explorer on this computer. Click "Add New User" to create a user account.
1084 Sorry, this type of account is not supported.
1085 Going Online
1086 Only the Windows Administrator can change Connection Settings.
1087 This Windows user does not have the privileges needed to setup MSN Explorer. Please try again with a Windows Administrator user.
1088 This computer connects using MSN Internet Access. The Account Manager is the only person who can add a new user to this machine.

Please type the password of the Account Manager (%s):
1089 The password you typed does not match the Account Manager's password. Please try again.
1090 Password Required
1091 This computer connects using MSN Internet Access. The Account Manager is the only person who can add a new user to this machine.

Please have the Account Manager sign in and out of MSN Explorer, and then click Add New User.
1092 Associate your Passport with Windows
1093 MSN Explorer can save your e-mail address and password into your Windows user account. This lets you sign in to all Passport-enabled sites automatically on this computer.

Would you like this information to replace the current information in your Windows user account?
1094 MSN Explorer can save your e-mail address and password into your Windows user account. This lets you sign in to all Passport-enabled sites automatically on this computer.

Would you like this information to be saved in your Windows user account?
1095 No numbers exist that can be dialed, The Windows Administrator must go into Connection Settings to setup new numbers.
1150 Please enter your e-mail name. Use this format: 'name@domain.com'.
1151 Please enter the answer to your secret question
1152 Please enter the last 5 digits of your credit card number
1153 Please enter a new password
1154 Please enter the new password a second time for verification
1155 The passwords you entered do not match. Please enter them again.
1156 Please enter your %s.
1157 Forgot your password?
1159 C&ontinue
1160 OK
1161 Try A&gain
1162 Please change any incorrect information and try again.
1163 Your password has been successfully changed, and you can now use your new password to sign in.

You might want to write it down and keep it somewhere safe.
1165 The service is temporarily unable to process your request. Please try again later.
Your new password needs to be at least eight characters long, and it cannot contain your e-mail name.
The account domain that you specified is not supported.
The answer you provided for your secret question is not correct.
The credit card information you entered is not correct.
The details that you have entered do not match those stored in this account.
The e-mail name you entered does not exist. Use this format for your e-mail name: 'name@domain.com'.
1173 You have made several unsuccessful attempts to change your password. For security reasons, we have temporarily locked your account. Please try to change your password again after some time.
1174 %s:
1175 Your new password needs to be at least eight characters long. It can only contain letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9), and no spaces.

Please try again.
1202 Please select a country/region
2003 Busy
2004 Be Right Back
2005 Away
2006 On The Phone
2007 Out To Lunch
2008 Appear Offline
2009 Online
2012 ,
2017 Signing in...
2027 %s (%s)
2032 Offline
2043 Messenger Is Not Installed
2314 We're sorry, you have been disconnected from the internet. Would you like to reconnect?
2315 We're sorry, you have been disconnected from the sign up server. Would you like to reconnect?
2316 Connection Lost
2317 &Yes
2318 &No
2319 Connecting to the internet
2320 Your Internet connection has been idle for %d minutes. It will automatically disconnect in %d seconds unless you click 'Stay Connected'.
2321 Connection Idle
2322 Stay Connected
2357 OK
2358 Cancel
2359 Retry
2360 Yes
2361 No
2362 Help
2400 Sign In
2401 The connection request has timed out. Please try again later.
2402 msn://@signup.mar@/help_trouble.htm
2403 We were not able to connect you due to a busy signal. Please try again later.
2404 msn://@signup.mar@/help_trouble.htm
2405 Your modem is not working properly or is already in use. If it is already in use, please close the connection, and then try again. If you have an external modem, check to make sure it is turned on.
2406 msn://@signup.mar@/help_trouble.htm
2407 MSN Explorer was unable to log you in to the dial-up servers. Please try again later.
2408 msn://@signup.mar@/help_trouble.htm
2409 We did not detect a dial tone, please check your phone connection and try again.
2410 msn://@signup.mar@/help_trouble.htm
2411 MSN Explorer was unable to connect due to the following error:


Please try again later.
2412 msn://@signup.mar@/help_trouble.htm
2413 MSN Explorer is unable to find the proper MSN dial-up credentials on your computer.
2414 msn://@signup.mar@/help_trouble.htm
2415 If this error persists, call customer support.
2416 If this error persists, call customer support at %s.
2490 MSN Explorer
2491 We detected that you are connected through a custom connection. Would you like us to set this connection as default so MSN Explorer 6.1 will work properly? If not, you may experience connection issues with MSN Explorer.
2502 Go
2503 Goes to or searches for '%s'
2504 Stop
2505 Stops the current page from loading
2506 Print Ctrl+P
2507 Prints the current page
2510 Add To Favorites
2511 Adds the current page to your favorites
2513 Sends the current page by email
2514 Refresh F5
2515 Reloads the current page
2517 Selects all the text and pictures on the current page
2519 Cuts the selected text or pictures to the clipboard
2521 Copies the selected text or pictures to the clipboard
2523 Pastes the contents of the clipboard
2524 More Choices
2525 More menu options
2527 Search Bar
2528 A&ddress
2529 Search Bar Tools
2530 Opens a new window with the current web page
2531 Favorites
2532 Shows you a list of your favorite web sites
3000 Back
3001 Back
3002 Forward
3003 Forward
3004 :)
3006 %s ToolBar
3007 %s Nav Bar
3008 %s Main Area
3009 %s Overflow
3010 %s Popup
3011 Side Bar
3013 Search the Web
3014 Search
3015 My Stuff Bar
3016 My Stuff Popup
3017 Go
3018 <p>Sorry, we are unable to download this content. Please try again later.</p>
3019 Type what you want to search for and click Go
3020 Search the Web
3021 Minimize and maximize this bar, or view all your My Stuff options
3022 Maximize this Bar
3023 Minimize this Bar
3024 Personalize My Stuff
3025 Advertisement
3030 Title Bar
3031 Help && Settings
3032 Sign Out
3033 Minimize
3034 Restore
3035 Maximize
3036 Close
3037 Help and Settings
3038 Sign Out and close MSN Explorer
3500 Browser
3501 MSN Explorer
3502 The web page you are viewing is trying to close the window.
Do you want to close this window?
3503 Please specify a name for this favorite.
3504 Please type in a keyword.
3505 We were unable to sign you in. Please check your e-mail name and password, and try again.
3507 We were not able to sign you in. There may be a problem with our service or your Internet connection.

Please try again later.
3509 Use MSN Explorer?
3511 User not found. Please check your e-mail name and try again.
3512 %s (1 contact online)
3513 %s (%d contacts online)
3514 %s (1 new message)
3515 %s (%d new messages)
3516 We're sorry, but we can't log this user in as a guest. Please select 'Add New User' to use this account.
3517 We are unable to connect to our sign-in server.

Please check that your computer's date and time are set correctly, because this is needed in order to transmit your password securely.
3518 Sorry, we were unable to finish setting up your e-mail service. We will try again the next time you sign in.

Note: You will not be able to use e-mail until it is completely set up.
3519 2
3520 12
3521 18
3523 Close MSN Explorer?
3524 MSN Explorer will now disconnect your modem and make a toll free call to the signup servers. This may take a few seconds.
3530 bhhphijojgfcdocagmhjgjbhmieinfap ejigpejjgfeolacllfefhopgghicdfak
3531 Microsoft Corporation MSN
3532 bhhphijojgfcdocagmhjgjbhmieinfap khnepieahpeclpkkiclinjcddiodmaam
3533 Microsoft Corporation MSN (Europe)
3534 klhfnkecpinogjmfaoamiabmhafnjldh baaaaaaaaaaachihamgb
3535 klhfnkecpinogjmfaoamiabmhafnjldh bdaaaaaaaaaaoceibagb
3600 EN
3645 To enhance your service, MSN Explorer is currently being updated. When the update is complete, MSN Explorer will be shut down for all users and restarted for you.
3646 128
3647 177
3648 379
3649 50
3650 128
3651 264
3652 379
3653 15
3654 128
3655 241
3656 392
3657 14
3658 Estimated time remaining: %d hr %d min
3659 Estimated time remaining: %d min %d sec
3660 Estimated time remaining:
3680 Update Available
3681 MSN Explorer Has Been Updated
3682 Update Did Not Complete
3683 MSN Explorer Update
3690 MSN Explorer Error Reporting
3691 If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost.
3692 We're sorry, but MSN Explorer has experienced an internal error.
3693 By allowing MSN Explorer to send an automated error report, you can help MSN work to prevent errors from happening in the future. We will treat this report as confidential and anonymous.
3694 &Tell MSN about this!
3695 &Don't tell
3701 About Your MSN Explorer Setup
3704 System Configuration Summary
Operating System $
Internet Explorer $
MSN Client $
MSN Market $
MSN Brand $
MSN Product ID $
Dialup Networking $
Default E-mail Program $
E-mail Spell Check $

Amount of Memory $
Free Disk Space $

Component versions
Network drivers
Modem drivers
Auto-update status
Known Problems
3706 Windows 95
3707 Windows 98
3708 Windows ME
3709 Windows NT
3710 Windows 2000
3711 Windows
3712 Unknown
3713 Windows Media Player
3714 MSN Messenger
3715 Macromedia Flash
3716 Previous version:
3717 Next version:
3718 (none)
3719 %s-class (%d MHz)
3720 Intel-compatible (%d MHz)
3721 Windows 98 SE
3722 Windows XP
3723 Installed
3724 Not Installed
4000 MSN
4001 &Add To Favorites
4002 SSL secured
4003 SSL secured (40 Bit)
4004 SSL secured (56 Bit)
4005 SSL secured (Fortezza)
4006 SSL secured (128 Bit)
4007 &Always On Top
4008 Keyword
4009 Version : %1!d!.%2!02d!.%3!04d!.%4!04d!
4010 About MSN Explorer
4011 Product ID : %s
4012 This program is protected by copyright law and international treaties. Unauthorized copying or distribution of this program, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law.

This version of MSN Explorer includes a feature that will allow you to check the spelling of words in e-mail text. This feature requires that you have a copy of Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, and is available only to licensed users of certain versions of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Works, which provide the spellchecking technology. For more details and information about the providers of the spellchecking technology for these products, open Microsoft Word or Microsoft Works, click <Help> and then click <About Microsoft Word> or <About Microsoft Works>.
4013 &Organize Favorites
4014 Imported Internet Explorer Favorites
4017 Security Settings
4018 Settings
4020 Displays program information
4021 My Music
4022 Choose a folder where you want to keep downloaded music.
4023 Your personal information has been successfully updated.

We now need to get your parent's consent. You will now be logged out.
4024 Imported AOL Favorites
4025 Secured Web Site Icon
4026 MSN Explorer has experienced a problem and cannot continue.
If you are running low on memory, try closing some programs and running MSN Explorer again.
4027 Error - Shutting down ...
4028 &More...
4029 %s - Offline
4030 Privacy icon
4031 Privacy Report
4032 There is a temporary problem with the Parental Controls service right now. To ensure that Parental Controls are applied to the next user to sign in, please disconnect and redial.
4033 Sorry, the Parental Controls service is not working properly. Until the problem is corrected, everyone using MSN Explorer on this computer will be able to visit a limited number of Web sites. To gain full access to the Internet, the Account Manager will need to set all user accounts to 'Adult 18+'.
4050 Change Privacy Setting?
9101 Media Player
9102 Media Player Host
9103 Media Player
9104 Embedded Media Player
9105 Volume
9106 Increase Volume
9107 Decrease Volume
9108 Decrease Volume
9109 Change Volume
9110 Increase Volume
9111 Move Media Position Backward
9112 Change Media Position
9113 Move Media Position Forward
9201 Track %d
9301 Play
9302 Pause
9303 Stop
9304 Previous Track
9305 Next Track
9306 Rewind
9307 Fast Forward
9308 Launch Media Player in a larger window for expanded view
9309 Embeds the media player back into the main window
9310 Popup Player
9311 Dock Player
9312 View the media player menu
9313 Media Player Menu
9401 Tuning in...
9402 Locating...
9403 Connecting...
9404 Opening...
9405 Progress through media presentation
9406 Media Files|*.avi;*.mpg;*.mpeg;*.ivf;*.mp2;*.asx;*.wmv;*.wvx;*.aiff;*.au;*.mid;*.midi;*.mp3;*.wav;*.m3u;*.wax;*.wma;|All Files|*.*|
9450 Please finish with the current task before closing MSN Explorer
9500 Print
9501 Prints the current page
9502 Close
9503 Closes the help window
9504 Help
9507 Save a Media File
9550 We have sent your parent an e-mail message that contains your request.
9551 An error occured while obtaining permission. Please try again later.
9552 You did not finish obtaining your parent's permission. Please try again later.
9553 Congratulations, you have received permission. Please sign in.
9554 Please wait while we sign you out of %s
9570 MSN Hotmail
9571 Send and Receive