Cette page liste toutes les ressources du fichiers sapi.dll référencés sur le site. C'est un fichier du dossier I386 du CD d'installation de Windows XP. Pour le customizer vous pouvez utiliser le décompilateur ResHacker (gratuit) ou PE Explorer (payant).

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String Table

100 SAPI
101 Unable to load or initialize XML Document Object Model COM Object
102 Invalid XML grammar format. Unable to load grammar into XML Document Object Model COM Object.
103 <PHRASE> does not contain any text or tags!
104 <P> inside of <LN> --> Ignoring possible VAL!
105 <OPT> inside <LIST>: Converting to <P> Hint: Add <OPT> around <LIST>.
106 Ignoring PROPNAME="%s".
107 <RULE> does not support ACTIVE attribute: use <EXPRULE> instead.
108 <EXPRULE ACTIVE=0> not implemented yet!
109 Ignoring tag <%s>.
110 Internal error. State node has no transitions.
112 The grammar accepts the empty string!
114 XML Parser internal error: %s.
115 XML parsing error: %s.
116 Incorrect attribute "%s" in tag <%s>.
117 Incorrect value "%s" for attribute "%s".
118 Unsupported word type "%s".
119 Incorrect word delimiter "%s".
120 Tag <ID> needs to be a direct child of <DEFINE> tag.
121 Invalid value "%s" for tag <ID NAME="%s">.
122 The value of MIN (%s) has to be equal or less than MAX (%s).
123 The content of a <PHRASE> cannot be empty.
124 Missing required attribute "%s" for <%s>.
125 Redefinition of <RULE NAME="%s" ID="%s">.
126 Redefinition of <ID NAME="%s" VAL="%s">.
127 %s must be a direct child of %s.
128 Unknown tag <%s>.
129 Cannot use attributes "%s" and "%s" at the same time.
130 Invalid rule reference to <RULEREF NAME="%s" REFID="%s"/>.
131 Invalid name string "%s" for referencing an imported grammar rule.
132 Missing property name for property "%s"(%s).
133 Missing value for <ID NAME="%s"/>.
134 ID name "%s" cannot contain any spaces, which would lead to errors in #define.
135 Incorrect value "%s" for attribute "%s": consider using VALSTR or defining the value using <DEFINE> and <ID>.
136 The direct children of <LIST> cannot contain an optional element (<%s>).
137 <OPT> implies that MIN="0", not MIN="%s".
138 Missing closing tag for <%s>.
139 <RULE NAME="%s" ID="%s"> is empty.
140 The PRON="%s" attribute can only be used for a single leaf containing a single word.
141 The DISP="%s" attribute can only be used for a single leaf containing a single word.
142 Custom pronunciation via PRON and DISP attributes only for single words not "%s".
143 Incorrect pronunciation delimiter "%s"; must be single character.
144 Incorrect word format for "%s".
145 Incorrect attribute "%s" for tag <%s>.
146 Cannot combine complex word format "%s" with DISP and/or PRON attributes.
147 <%s> is a terminal node and cannot have any children.
148 Compiler requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.
149 Ambiguous semantic property PROPNAME="%s" PROPID="%s".
153 %s
154 Undefined forward reference to rule "%s."
155 Rule "%s" has no body.
156 Exported rule "%s" contains (direct/indirect) reference to a dynamic rule.
157 Unable to write grammar to stream.
158 Rule "%s" has no required words.
159 No rules are toplevel, dynamic, or exported.
160 Circular reference to rule "%s".
161 Error writing to stream.
163 Rule %s has no terminating condition/path with less than 256 words.