Cette page liste toutes les ressources du fichiers scrobj.dll référencés sur le site. C'est un fichier du dossier I386 du CD d'installation de Windows XP. Pour le customizer vous pouvez utiliser le décompilateur ResHacker (gratuit) ou PE Explorer (payant).

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scrobj.dll section ICO/101

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String Table

129 Unknown error
130 Out of memory
131 An unexpected error occured
132 An unimplemented function was called
1024 Invalid character
1025 Unexpected character
1026 Unterminated XML declaration - matching '?>' not found
1027 Unterminated comment - matching '-->' not found
1028 Unterminated CDATA section - mtaching ']]>' not found
1029 Unterminated attribute value - matching quote not found
1030 Unterminated start tag - matching '>' not found
1031 Unterminated end tag - matching '>' not found
1032 Unterminated entity reference - matching ';' not found
1033 Unterminated opaque block - matching end tag not found
1034 Expecting a valid name
1035 Expecting an attribute value enclosed in quotes
1036 Invalid entity reference
1037 Unrecognized markup
1038 Unterminated processing instruction - matching '?>' not found
1056 Unexpected XML declaration - declaration must be at the beginning of the file
1057 Unrecognized attribute - allowed attributes are 'version', 'encoding', and 'standalone'
1058 The end tag does not match the start tag
1059 The tag does not have a matching end tag
1088 The tag may not have text
1089 The tag may not have markup
1090 The tag may not have text or markup
1091 The tag is not valid in this context
1092 The tag does not support this attribute
1093 A required tag is missing
1094 A required attribute is missing
1095 A duplicate tag was encountered
1096 A duplicate attribute was encountered
1097 The value for the attribute is not valid
1098 The end tag does not have a corresponding start tag
1101 A duplicate id attribute was encountered
1102 The specified attributes conflict with each other
1103 The 'public' tag cannot be used with the 'Automation' or 'Event' handlers
1104 Unexpected text - text is only between a start tag and end tag
1120 No components are defined in the file
1122 There are no components with registration info
1123 Cannot create interface handler
1124 Cannot create script engine
1125 Cannot retrieve referenced URL
1126 Cannot create object
1127 Cannot add reference
1128 Cannot find the type library for this reference
1129 Unexpected tag - expecting the tag 'component' or 'package'
1130 Unexpected tag - only one 'component' or 'package' tag is allowed at the root
1131 Unrecognized attribute - the allowed attributes are 'debug', 'warn', and 'error'
1152 The dispid was already defined
1153 The name was already defined
1154 The method is not defined
1155 The property cannot be created
1156 The property accessor is not defined
1157 The property accessor is already specified
1158 The only valid event sources for the behavior handler are 'element', 'document', and 'window'
1184 The code page is not supported
1185 The charset is not supported
1186 The file is too big
1187 Cannot convert text to UNICODE for processing
1188 Cannot open file
1216 No jobs are defined in the file
1217 Unexpected tag - expecting the tag 'job' or 'package'
1218 Unexpected tag - only one 'job' or 'package' tag is allowed at the root
1219 Unrecognized attribute - the allowed attributes are 'debug' and 'warn'
1220 A duplicate name for a named or unnamed element was encountered
8192 Windows Script Component
8193 &Open
8194 &Register
8195 &Unregister
8196 &Generate Type Library