Cette page liste toutes les ressources du fichiers iexpress.exe référencés sur le site. C'est un fichier du dossier I386 du CD d'installation de Windows XP. Pour le customizer vous pouvez utiliser le décompilateur ResHacker (gratuit) ou PE Explorer (payant).

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String Table

1000 IExpress Wizard
1001 MS Serif
1002 Are you sure you want to quit the IExpress Wizard?
1050 Returning to the Welcome page will reset all the changes you have made. Are you sure you want to continue?
1052 ;Auto-generated Diamond Directive File. Can be deleted without harm.

1053 Creating CAB file. Please wait...

1054 Creating the package...

1055 Error creating Cabinet.

1056 Error creating Package.

1057 Error writing Self Extraction Directive file.

1058 Done!

1059 IExpress Self Extraction Directive file (*.sed)*.SEDAll Files (*.*)*.*
1060 Text Files (*.txt)*.TXTAll Files (*.*)*.*
1061 All Files (*.*)*.*
1062 Executable Files (*.exe)*.EXEAll Files (*.*)*.*
1070 Filename
1071 Path
1074 Files will be expanded to a temporary folder. The files will then be used by the specified installation program.
1075 Files will be expanded to a folder specified by the user. These files can later be used by the client when installing a component such as a printer or video driver.
1076 Files will be compressed into a cabinet file (CAB). Self-extracting functionality will not be included.
1077 Compressed Cabinet File (*.cab)*.CABAll Files (*.*)*.*
1078 INF Files (*.inf)*.INFAll Files (*.*)*.*
1100 There is not enough memory to continue. Quit one or more programs and try again.
1101 The IExpress Self Extraction Directive file (SED) you specified does not exist. To create a new one, select Create New Self Extraction Directive file.
1102 You must specify a package title.
1103 You must specify a Prompt unless you select 'No prompt'
1104 You must specify a license file unless you select No License.
1105 The license file you specified does not exist.
1106 A file with the name '%s' already exists in the list.
1107 You must add some files to the package.
1108 You must select one of the files, or Enter your own command.
1109 You must enter a custom command or select a file from the list.
1110 You must specify a finished message unless you select No Message.
1111 You must specify a target filename.
1114 You must specify a filename to save or select Don't Save.
1115 Could not create the target file '%s'. %s
1116 Unable to begin resource update of '%s'.
1117 Unable to update resource.
1118 Unable to end update of resources.
1119 Error opening the IExpress Self Extraction Directive file.
1121 Error reading from the IExpress Self Extraction Directive file. %s is not complete localizable defines. Do you want to continue?
1122 Error opening the MakeCAB Directive File.
1123 Error writing to the MakeCAB Directive File.
1126 Unable to open the Report file '%s'.
1127 Unable to read from the Report file '%s'.
1128 Unable to open the License file '%s'.
1129 Unable to read from the License file '%s'.
1130 Unable to open the Cabinet file '%s'.
1131 Unable to read from the Cabinet file '%s'.
1132 Unable to start command '%s'. Error: %s.
1133 Unable to find %s. Please make sure it is in the path or the same folder as IExpress.exe.
1134 Unable to find %s. Please check your packaged file list.
1135 Unable to convert long path to short path.
1137 Unable to update the version information.
1138 Command syntax is incorrect!

Options: [/N [/Q] [/M]] <SED filename> [/O:overide SEDfilename,OverideSectionName]

/N: Build package now (SED Filename must be specified)
/Q: Quiet mode when using /N
/M: Use minimized windows when using /N
1139 The SED file: %s exists. Do you want to overwrite it?
1140 The Key: %s is not defined in SED file Strings section. Do you want to continue?
1141 The SED file class name is not valid. Please verify it with the IExpress specification.
1142 There is no SourceFiles specified in your SED. Please check your SED and run again.
1143 This box should be left unchecked if the package is to be run on Windows 95 and you will be using an INF file during installation. Do you still want to continue?
1144 lwrite() failed when trying to write %lu bytes.
System Error: %s
1145 Could not format the system error message on Win32 error code ( %lu ).
1146 You cannot use a long filename for the CAB file. Please use a 8.3 name for your target cabinet name.
1147 Error: SetFileAttributes() failed on file: '%s'.
1148 Invalid SED File. Missing SEDVersion key. Use the wizard to generate a valid SED file.
1149 Invalid SED file format for this version of Windows. Use the wizard to generate a valid SED file.
1151 The Correct SED key to check Multiple instances is: MultiInstanceCheck=P or B,"cookie string". Please verify your SED file and try again.
1152 The '%s' is not a valid FLAG field for the target version check in SED file. It should be one of the following : OK, OkCancel, or YesNo.
1153 SED syntax error in TargetFileVersion= line.
1154 The string defined for %s is too long. The max length for this string is %s characters.
1155 The folder '%s' does not exist. Do you want to create it?
1156 Can not create the folder '%s'.