Cette page liste toutes les ressources du fichiers mfc42u.dll référencés sur le site. C'est un fichier du dossier I386 du CD d'installation de Windows XP. Pour le customizer vous pouvez utiliser le décompilateur ResHacker (gratuit) ou PE Explorer (payant).

AVI (Animation)


mfc42u.dll section BMP/26567 mfc42u.dll section BMP/30995 mfc42u.dll section BMP/32384 mfc42u.dll section BMP/30996 mfc42u.dll section BMP/30994

CUR (Curseur)

mfc42u.dll section CUR/30977 mfc42u.dll section CUR/30978 mfc42u.dll section CUR/30979 mfc42u.dll section CUR/30980 mfc42u.dll section CUR/30981 mfc42u.dll section CUR/30982 mfc42u.dll section CUR/30983 mfc42u.dll section CUR/30984 mfc42u.dll section CUR/30985 mfc42u.dll section CUR/30986 mfc42u.dll section CUR/30987 mfc42u.dll section CUR/30988

Icon (Icône)

GIF (resssources HTML)

JPG (resssources HTML)

PNG (resssources HTML)

String Table

57347 %1 in %2
57349 %1 - %2
57600 Create a new document
57601 Open an existing document
57602 Close the active document
57603 Save the active document
57604 Save the active document with a new name
Save As
57605 Change the printing options
Page Setup
57606 Change the printer and printing options
Print Setup
57607 Print the active document
57609 Display full pages
Print Preview
57612 Send the active document through electronic mail
Send Mail
57616 Open this document
57617 Open this document
57618 Open this document
57619 Open this document
57620 Open this document
57621 Open this document
57622 Open this document
57623 Open this document
57624 Open this document
57625 Open this document
57626 Open this document
57627 Open this document
57628 Open this document
57629 Open this document
57630 Open this document
57631 Open this document
57632 Erase the selection
57633 Erase everything
Erase All
57634 Copy the selection and put it on the Clipboard
57635 Cut the selection and put it on the Clipboard
57636 Find the specified text
57637 Insert Clipboard contents
57638 Insert Clipboard contents and a link to its source
Paste Link
57639 Insert Clipboard contents with options
Paste Special
57640 Repeat the last action
57641 Replace specific text with different text
57642 Select the entire document
Select All
57643 Undo the last action
57644 Redo the previously undone action
57648 Open another window for the active document
New Window
57649 Arrange icons at the bottom of the window
Arrange Icons
57650 Arrange windows so they overlap
Cascade Windows
57651 Arrange windows as non-overlapping tiles
Tile Windows
57652 Arrange windows as non-overlapping tiles
Tile Windows
57653 Split the active window into panes
57664 Display program information, version number and copyright
57665 Quit the application; prompts to save documents
57666 List Help topics
Help Index
57667 List Help topics
Help Topics
57668 Display instructions about how to use help
57669 Display help for clicked on buttons, menus and windows
57670 Display help for current task or command
57680 Switch to the next window pane
Next Pane
57681 Switch back to the previous window pane
Previous Pane
57696 Select font for current selection
57856 Insert new embedded object
New Object
57857 Edit linked objects
Edit Links
57858 Convert selected object between types
Convert Object
57859 Change icon of selected object
Change Icon
57872 Activate embedded or linked object
57873 Activate embedded or linked object
57874 Activate embedded or linked object
57875 Activate embedded or linked object
57876 Activate embedded or linked object
57877 Activate embedded or linked object
57878 Activate embedded or linked object
57879 Activate embedded or linked object
57880 Activate embedded or linked object
57881 Activate embedded or linked object
57882 Activate embedded or linked object
57883 Activate embedded or linked object
57884 Activate embedded or linked object
57885 Activate embedded or linked object
57886 Activate embedded or linked object
57887 Activate embedded or linked object
59136 EXT
59137 CAP
59138 NUM
59139 SCRL
59140 OVR
59141 REC
59142 KANA
59392 Show or hide the toolbar
Toggle ToolBar
59393 Show or hide the status bar
Toggle StatusBar
59648 Move to first record
First Record
59649 Move to final record
Last Record
59650 Move to next record
Next Record
59651 Move to previous record
Previous Record
61184 Change the window size
61185 Change the window position
61186 Reduce the window to an icon
61187 Enlarge the window to full size
61188 Switch to the next document window
61189 Switch to the previous document window
61190 Close the active window and prompts to save the documents
61202 Restore the window to normal size
61203 Activate Task List
61215 Activate this window
61402 Open the selected item
61440 Open
61441 Save As
61442 All Files (*.*)
61443 Untitled
61444 Save Copy As
61445 Close print preview mode
Cancel Preview
61446 an unnamed file
61457 &Hide
61472 No error message is available.
61473 An unsupported operation was attempted.
61474 A required resource was unavailable.
61475 Out of memory.
61476 An unknown error has occurred.
61477 An invalid argument was encountered.
61504 on %1
61505 &One Page
61506 &Two Page
61507 Page %u
61508 Page %u
Pages %u-%u

61509 prn
61510 Output.prn
61511 Printer Files (*.prn)|*.prn|All Files (*.*)|*.*||
61512 Print to File
61513 to %1
61577 &Update %1
61580 E&xit && Return to %1
61581 Updating ActiveX objects
61582 Picture (Metafile)
a picture
61583 Device Independent Bitmap
a device independent bitmap
61584 Bitmap
a bitmap
61585 %s
61586 %s
61588 Linked %s
61589 Unknown Type
61590 Rich Text (RTF)
text with font and paragraph formatting
61591 Unformatted Text
text without any formatting
61592 Invalid Currency.
61593 Invalid DateTime.
61594 Invalid DateTimeSpan.
61696 Invalid filename.
61697 Failed to open document.
61698 Failed to save document.
61699 Save changes to %1?
61700 Failed to create empty document.
61701 The file is too large to open.
61702 Could not start print job.
61703 Failed to launch help.
61704 Internal application error.
61705 Command failed.
61706 Insufficient memory to perform operation.
61707 System registry entries have been removed and the INI file (if any) was deleted.
61708 Not all of the system registry entries (or INI file) were removed.
61709 This program requires the file %s, which was not found on this system.
61710 This program is linked to the missing export %s in the file %s. This machine may have an incompatible version of %s.
61712 Please enter an integer.
61713 Please enter a number.
61714 Please enter an integer between %1 and %2.
61715 Please enter a number between %1 and %2.
61716 Please enter no more than %1 characters.
61717 Please select a button.
61718 Please enter an integer between 0 and 255.
61719 Please enter a positive integer.
61720 Please enter a date and/or time.
61721 Please enter a currency.
61728 Unexpected file format.
61729 %1
Cannot find this file.
Please verify that the correct path and file name are given.
61730 Destination disk drive is full.
61731 Unable to read from %1, it is opened by someone else.
61732 Unable to write to %1, it is read-only or opened by someone else.
61733 An unexpected error occurred while reading %1.
61734 An unexpected error occurred while writing %1.
61824 Can not activate a static ActiveX object.
61825 Failed to connect.
Link may be broken.
61826 Unable to process command, server busy.
61827 Failed to perform server operation.
61828 The file is not supported by a Document Object server.
61829 %1
Unable to register document.
The document may already be open.
61830 Failed to launch server application.
61831 Update %1 before proceeding?
61832 Could not update client.
61833 Failed to register. ActiveX features may not work properly.
61834 Failed to update the system registry.
Please try using REGEDIT.
61835 Failed to convert ActiveX object.
61836 Unable to read write-only property.
61837 Unable to write read-only property.
61838 ActiveX objects cannot be saved while exiting Windows!
Discard all changes to %1?
61839 Failed to create object. Make sure the application is entered in the system registry.
61840 Unable to load mail system support.
61841 Mail system DLL is invalid.
61842 Send Mail failed to send message.
61856 No error occurred.
61857 An unknown error occurred while accessing %1.
61858 %1 was not found.
61859 %1 contains an invalid path.
61860 %1 could not be opened because there are too many open files.
61861 Access to %1 was denied.
61862 An invalid file handle was associated with %1.
61863 %1 could not be removed because it is the current directory.
61864 %1 could not be created because the directory is full.
61865 Seek failed on %1
61866 A hardware I/O error was reported while accessing %1.
61867 A sharing violation occurred while accessing %1.
61868 A locking violation occurred while accessing %1.
61869 Disk full while accessing %1.
61870 An attempt was made to access %1 past its end.
61872 No error occurred.
61873 An unknown error occurred while accessing %1.
61874 An attempt was made to write to the reading %1.
61875 An attempt was made to access %1 past its end.
61876 An attempt was made to read from the writing %1.
61877 %1 has a bad format.
61878 %1 contained an unexpected object.
61879 %1 contains an incorrect schema.
61888 pixels
62081 Attempt to connect to datasource failed
62082 Recordset supports forward movement only.
62083 Attempt to open a table failed - there were no columns to retrieve were specified.
62084 Unexpected column data types were returned from query.
62085 Attempt to Update or Delete failed.
62086 Multiple rows were updated.
62087 Operation failed, no current record.
62088 No rows were affected by the update or delete operation.
62089 Recordset is read-only
62090 ODBC driver doesn't support MFC LongBinary data model.
62091 Attempt to load required component ODBC32.DLL failed.
62092 ODBC driver does not support dynasets.
62093 ODBC static cursors required for snapshot support.
62094 ODBC driver incompatible with MFC database classes (API_CONFORMANCE >= SQL_OAC_LEVEL1 required).
62095 ODBC driver incompatible with MFC database classes (SQL_CONFORMANCE >= SQL_OSC_MINIMUM required).
62096 Attempt to scroll past end or before beginning of data.
62097 Dynasets not supported by ODBC driver.
62098 ODBC Level 2 compliant driver required.
62099 Positioned updates not supported by ODBC driver.
62100 Requested lock mode is not supported.
62101 Data truncated.
62102 Error retrieving record.
62103 A required ODBC entry point was not found. Make sure ODBC is installed correctly.
62104 Update or Delete failed.
62105 Dynamic cursors not supported by ODBC driver.
62106 Invalid field name or field index.
62107 Bookmarks not supported for ODBC driver.
62108 Bookmarks not enabled on recordset.
62109 <Deleted>
62128 Unable to initialize DAO/Jet db engine.
62129 Bad DFX value parameter.
62130 DAO TableDef or QueryDef not Open.
62131 GetRows failed. Not enough memory allocated for row.
62132 GetRows binding error. Probably caused by datatype mismatch.
62133 GetRows failed. The requested column is not a member of this recordset.
62161 <HEAD><TITLE>HTTP Error %d</TITLE></HEAD>
62162 <BODY><H1>HTTP Error %d: No message available</H1></BODY>

62163 <BODY><H1>BAD REQUEST</H1><P>Your client sent a request that this server didn't understand.<br>Request: %s

62164 <BODY><H1>AUTH REQUIRED</H1><P>Browser not authentication-capable or authentication failed.</BODY>

62165 <BODY><H1>FORBIDDEN</H1><P>Your client does not have permission to get this URL from the server.</BODY>

62166 <BODY><H1>NOT FOUND</H1><P>The requested URL was not found on this server.</BODY>

62167 <BODY><H1>SERVER ERROR</H1>The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.</BODY>

62168 <BODY><H1>NOT IMPLEMENTED</H1>The server is unable to perform the method <b>%s</b> at this time.</BODY>

65025 (Unknown)
65028 Desktop
65029 Application Workspace
65030 Window Background
65031 Window Text
65032 Menu Bar
65033 Menu Text
65034 Active Title Bar
65035 Inactive Title Bar
65036 Active Title Bar Text
65037 Inactive Title Bar Text
65038 Active Border
65039 Inactive Border
65040 Window Frame
65041 Scroll Bars
65042 Button Face
65043 Button Shadow
65044 Button Text
65045 Button Highlight
65046 Disabled Text
65047 Highlight
65048 Highlighted Text
65049 Regular
65050 Bold
65051 Italic
65052 Bold Italic
65053 AaBbYyZz
65054 (Font)
65055 (Color)
65056 (Picture - %s)
65057 All Picture Types|*.bmp;*.cur;*.dib;*.emf;*.ico;*.wmf|Bitmaps (*.bmp;*.dib)|*.bmp;*.dib|Icons/Cursors (*.ico;*.cur)|*.ico;*.cur|Metafiles (*.wmf;*.emf)|*.wmf;*.emf|All files (*.*)|*.*||
65058 Unknown
65059 None
65060 Bitmap
65061 Metafile
65062 Icon
65064 Color Property Page
65065 Colors
65066 Font Property Page
65067 Fonts
65068 Picture Property Page
65069 Pictures
65072 Browse Pictures
65073 0 - None
65074 1 - Fixed Single
65088 &Edit
65089 &Properties...
65155 Unable to open the picture file %1. The file may not exist, or may not be readable.
65156 Unable to load the picture file %1. The file may have an invalid format.
65157 Unable to load the picture file %1. The file is too large to fit in memory.
65158 Unable to load the picture file %1. Unexplained read failure.
65184 Illegal function call
65185 Overflow
65186 Out of memory
65187 Division by zero
65188 Out of string space
65189 Out of stack space
65190 Bad file name or number
65191 File not found
65192 Bad file mode
65193 File already open
65194 Device I/O error
65195 File already exists
65196 Bad record length
65197 Disk full
65198 Bad record number
65199 Bad file name
65200 Too many files
65201 Device unavailable
65202 Permission denied
65203 Disk not ready
65204 Path/File access error
65205 Path not found
65206 Invalid pattern string
65207 Invalid use of null
65208 Invalid file format
65209 Invalid property value
65210 Invalid array index
65211 Property cannot be set at run time
65212 Property is read-only
65213 Must specify array index when using property array
65214 Property cannot be set on this control
65215 Property cannot be read at run time
65216 Property is write-only
65217 Property not found
65218 Invalid clipboard format
65219 Invalid picture
65220 Printer error
65221 Cannot create temporary file necessary to save
65222 Search text not found
65223 Replacement text too long